Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I want a dog with a dress. She's going to grow a dress and I want her no silly just good fashion sense

We got a cockerspaniel as an early Christmas gift for the girls the week before Thanksgiving.

She's a good dog but hard to house train and excitable bladder. Thank goodness we don't have carpet but still, it gets old.

Joking one day I said, "why don't we get a different dog? " .

Laci yelled "noo" I was surprised because honestly she doesn't bother a whole lot with Peppermint. So of course I ask her why.

"I want a dog who will grow a dress!"
Me: "you can put a dress on any dog"

"no GROW a dress!"
"What are you talking about Laci?"

"this dog is going to grow a dress and I WANT a dog who will grow a dress !"

"laci that is just silly."

"it's not silly. Its just good fashion sense."

I gave up in the face of absurdity and walked away wondering what on earth made our normally sensible, precocious 8 year old think she had a magical Rumplestilskin type dog that could make fabric and thread come out of nowhere, or worse GROW out of nowhere.

Then it hit me. She was thinking of these pictures:


Our dog is not allowed to grow a dress!

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