Monday, January 25, 2010

The Parent Trap

Parenthood is quite stressful for me the last two weeks. I believe some evil person gave Ella the memo about the terrible two's covertly hidden in a birthday card. I'm serious, she turned two 2 weeks ago and instantaneously got wilder. By no means was she ever our calm child but the extreme switch has been switched on her.

She does not stop! She has taken her manic tiny Robin Williams act, reserved normally for when she's overtired and put it into all day use. There is only so much I can handle. The destructor in her has also felt a greater need to be expressed. I daily cannot find my floor despite vain efforts to follow behind and pick the disaster in her wake. Just today I stupidly decided to do something productive and do a load of dishes in the dishwasher while she watched Mickey. In the time it took me to unload and reload the dishwasher, she had destroyed the living room including covering it in crushed up Cream Cheese and Chive crackers all over, taffy pushed on the tv, various other crumbly food mashed all about, where that came from or how she opened it I don't care to know.

In the midst of the Ella chaos I have Laci who is coming home with more and more homework, because she evidently is not finishing her classwork. She already has too much to begin with and her short attention span ignites both her dad's and my fuses. It does not take a normal person a half hour for one worksheet and there is no reason she needs her hand held for every little detail, but alas she does. She also feels the need to tattle on everything Ella does in the most whiney of voices, as if anyone in this house can do anything about it. She's two and she's terrible, deal with it. Laci's over emotional state helps nothing, nor does the fact Tony is back with CSX which is a good thing, but he comes and goes at odd times, mostly going, on a train, that has no kids, sleeping in a hotel room...that has no I'd love to board that train somedays.

In the midst of this just when I truly feel like I will most definitely lose it, I can see my hair sticking up frayed, blood shot crazy eyes, typical frazzled cartoon mom they actually do something to remind why its all worth it.

Laci hugs Ella and tells her how much she just loves being her sister (moments after declaring she never wanted a sister why does she have to be cursed with this one ) or announces "mom I washed Ella 's hair for you" (which is more trouble than help, but the thought is touching), Ella gives me the best squeeze the neck hug saying "I wubby you mommy", or like tonight while I carried her out to the car she looks up says "oooh Moon" and grasping her hands together by her cheeks says dreamily "I wish, I wish". Moments like that give the strength to flatten down the hair standing on end, rub your eyes, take a deep breath and wait for the next onslaught of chaos. If only for a moment you remember why kids are so wonderful, especially yours and just how fast they are growing and its once again all worth it.

Of course as I finished that Ella kicked me off the couch, although followed it up with a neck squeeze from behind. At least she's starting to balance the terrible with the lovey.

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