Monday, January 18, 2010

Who needs Big Brother when I have this...

With Big Brother overdosing on Human Growth Hormone the last few years, there has been much talk (esp.lately) about how it could insert itself into our homes for purposes such as water regulation. I've heard much talk recently about showers that turn off after 3 minutes, which I can't begin to tell you how annoying it would be for me to keep turning a shower on 5 times b/c I will shower for as long as I want thank you, the Earth is fine. But you know what, I don't need the government to install a nazi in my shower, I already have one.

I acquired it in 2003 and lovingly named her Ella. The past few days my water consumption has been closely monitored by this device. Saturday, while trying to alleviate a pesky headache likely caused by loud children, I was soaking in a nice warm tub reading a Ted Dekker novel. Though my ears were below water level, I could still hear the harsh, piercing screams emenating from my water conservation device. It screamed "mommy mommy mommy I need you" relentlessly for the 10 minutes i was able to withstand the harassment. Never mind that Tony was in the room with her, she needed me and banged on the door and screamed until I emerged (after she opened the oven door to her princess kitchen and put her head inside in desperation) headache now even more intense, surprisingly after my "relaxing" soak.

Today, trying to shower before Mickey Mouse went to commercial I endured similar screaming and loud questions of "are you done yet" "almost, almost?" til it crescendoed to "GET OUT NOW, I NEED YOU MOMMY I NEED YOU NO MORE SHOWER" as my shower doors were thrown open.

So govenment, save your money, at least in my household it seems as though my water consumption is being monitored quite well and a long leisurely shower or bath is in the distant future for me, of course by that time, the Big Brother Inc. Nazi in my Shower head will probably have already been mandatorially installed.

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  1. Lovie, you are a fantastic mommy! You can come here and take over my bathtub whenever you need to do so! <3<3