Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

As the new year begins I find myself reflecting on the past, in the form of pictures. As a photographer, obviously photos play a huge part in my life. Even as a child I've always loved photography and have had a camera for as far back as I can remember. I just love the preservation of moments. Memories time has passed by, but has been saved from obscurity by some paper and ink.

My friend Jenn, introduced me to a couple of blogs this past year, one of which is The Mom Creative by Jessica Turner. She is a mommy and has wonderful ideas for putting to use all that paper and ink preserving our memories of that rapidly growing baby.

One thing she does is a year in review type of scrapbook. I am now in the process of uploading some pictures to begin mine. I am going to make one for each child, and who knows, if I like it enough a joint one :). For now I'm doing just Shutterfly photobooks as I've seen the quality and am pleased and the time required to make something treasurable is as minimal as you get. Thanks to Jenn for informing of a current sale www.shutterfly.com
Though I don't know if I'll make the deadline this time. The nice thing as she also pointed out is that you can always store them and order more at a later time, for grandparents, or a second one to give to your child to keep, so you don't have to share yours of course!

The other great idea Jessica Turner has is a 365 project. She takes at least 1 picture every day of her child to capture the essence of that 24 hour period. I want to do this but it is looking like at best it will be a 363 project as I didn't take pictures everyday already. A 52 project may be more realistic in which you make sure to get pics every week. That I do without thinking,

In this world of chaos we find ourselves in, at least I feel, our children our growing up, not even before our eyes, but by leaps and bounds. If I break into a rendition of Sunrise, Sunset, I'm sure you'll forgive me. I can't believe the changes in both my girls over the past year, as evidenced in my photos. Laci has grown so tall and is starting to fill out, to look more pre teenish (to go with her attitude) and Ella, well there are not even words to encompass her changes. I think its one of the biggest tragedies of babies. They grow daily, so much each week. Its impossible to remember it all, or to really capture it. So sad. And then one day before you know it they are 5 and out the door to school. So, so sad. These pictures are all I have left of quite likely my last baby. (except my future adoptee :) )

Now I have all these pictures I have taken, because of my fear of missing something but they are not PRINTED! Crazy. Feeling the pressure of the perfect handmade scrapbook, I stall in fear of messing up or being overwhelmed at the sheer amount of energy required to simply get the materials out to begin! I am thinking this is a definite way for my pictures not to be lost somewhere on my hard drive never reaching their full potential as a printed treasure. Looking forward to this and hoping you too find ways to present your beautiful memories for all to see.

Get to it! There are only 359 days left in this year to capture your growing child!

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