Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Life Tuesday...

And I'm ready this week! Yay! I really like this. I "keep" a journal for both girls since they were born. And by "keep" I mean that I write several months at a time b/c I get behind...with this project I'm capturing real everyday moments and I think they speak even more. And I can always look back on these to fill in my spots in their life journals :)

Sunday, January 17

Yes, she shoved an entire piece of broccoli in her mouth. She loves her "bawky trees"

Monday, January 18

Something went terribly wrong when she tried to take her shirt off. We both found it amusing, I took pictures while she walked around for about a half an hour this way...

Tuesday, January 19

I'm pretty sure I didn't pay $100 for a drawing tablet... Our Wii Fit is now red and blue streaked...

Wednesday, January 20

Ella is in the stage where she likes to where everyone's shoes. This day it was my autographed Newsboys chucks and she was quite proud of herself.

Thursday, January 21

Ella gave me a manicure...

Friday, January 22

Ella's first piggytails. I've been putting it off, because I knew she would look so old, but she does look adorable with them...

Saturday, January 23

"....No I don't think so" Laci loves the cheers with attitude, like this and especially ones that say boom where she shakes her hip out...she has those parts down!


  1. I LOVE the one of Laci cheering! She's so animated all the time, I'd bet it's fun to watch her cheer. Ella's manicure was sweet. When did our kids grow up? :( Breakfast soon? Tomorrow even? Loves.

  2. Cute pics this week. I love the one of her eating her broccoli!!

  3. cute pictures! love the manicure haha..sure was cheaper than going to the salon I'm sure ;)