Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project Life Tuesday!

So my bestie Jenn P. introduced me to the world of JesusNeedsNewPr, by Matthew Paul Turner http://jesusneedsnewpr.blogspot.com/ and subsequently his wife Jessica's wonderful blog http://jessicaturnersblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/project-life-tuesday.html. One of the things I found so great on her site was the idea of Project Life. You take a picture everyday, just one, so its not too much pressure and scrap it to give a wonderful overview of your life each year! I thought it was great but hadn't looked much into it when Jenn decided that this year we were doing it! So excited. Now, as I said I had only taken a cursory look at it and was going to come back so I didn't realize that we're to post our pics each week, so this will be a catchup week w/ two sets being posted. Here we go:

Sunday January 3rd:

We went to my mother in laws for some more time with Tony's cousins who now live in CO, we love seeing them and now unfortunately they live so far that it is no as much as we like. This day the kids did the Christmas scavenger hunt that has been a tradition since Tony was a kid. The girl's also had a joint Birthday party since the CO girls don't usually get to come to our parties anymore.

Monday January 4th:

Took some shots of her after a bath, thought she had a sweet expression here, maybe a bit bewildered...

Tuesday January 5th:

We've had quite a bit of snowfall this year and apparently my husband has been shovelling the snow from our walk way into one huge pile that looked like a nice mountain for Ella to perch upon.

Wednesday, January 6th:

Daddy was on the road working, so we celebrated his birthday a day late.

Thursday, January 7th: The Wii Fit came today. Laci is addicted and Ella brings in the scale as her own Wii board.

Friday, January 8th:

Went to Princess and the Frog with Jenn and Mia, the girls also exchanged Christmas gifts.

Saturday, Januray 9th:
My 2 girls, Ella was very sad that Laci and Mommy left her Friday for a girls' night out so Laci spent some quality time with Ella this day.

Sunday, January 10th:

Laci up at the house we are remodelling, apparently in Alaska.

Monday, January 11th: While Laci was at dance I took Ella to pick out her birthday crown and sash at Claire's. She picked the biggest crown they had! She also had to have a silver purse with a sparkly pink chiuhauah (sp) wearing a pink crown. She thinks the dog is Sleeping Beauty.

Tuesday, January 12th: Ella Bella Baby Boo's 2nd birthday. So sad :( Have to put a picture w/her princess cake in here too....

Wednesday, January 13th: This picture will have to wait to be released at a later date....

Thursday, January 14th: My beautiful Laci and her love of headwear... Notice the scratches on her forehead, Ella has been attacking her face!

Friday January 14th: I took pictures of Laci's school cheer and basketball teams..
Laci is in the second row on the left.

Saturday, January 15th: Laci cheered at her first game. She did so well!


  1. I love these!! I stole the one of Laci&Mia for my page. Glad you are in my life. If you are Sophia can I be Dorothy? <3 u.

  2. I don't know, I really think its the other way around. Dorothy, though mouthy too, kept Sophia in line. You definitely are the more outspoken of the two and I love ya for it, but we may have to role reverse for several months ;) I'll get all the pics of that night to you. loves...

  3. Hi Mandy, Thanks for stopping by my blog to view my pictures. I love this project! :) You asked about my day/date/title "stamps"...I use fonts. I'm just getting into Photoshop and learning how to use it, so am experimenting a little bit. The day font is Ali Edwards' from Creating Keepsakes (was a free font a while ago but you may still be able to find it at her website, or you can purchase a lot of her stuff at designerdigitals.com). The date/title font is News Gothic, which is what Becky used in the kit.

    Your daughters are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos!