Sunday, November 20, 2011

It was all yellow

Ever since I became a mommy traditions have become important to me. For Thanksgiving I always have had the kids make handprint turkeys. (except last year- a two year old and newborn making turkeys became too daunting a thought).

Im behind so we just got around to it today- along with handprint trees that I like to make with them in the fall. Since I plan on starting Christmas decorating
this week, the turkey/fall prints are going to have a short run. But I must do it for my mommy archives!

It was obvious from the outset that it was going to be challenging. Not only did Ella have a very abstract idea of what a fall handprint tree should look like - she added a purple rendition of her bff riding a unicorn in the sky ( or so she says) but Layla wouldn't keep her hand open long enough to paint and smash it on the paper leading to 15 minutes of creative maneuvering and painting.

While I started Ella on turkey I foolishly turned my back on Layla only to hear laci exclaim , in coldplay fashion,
"it's all YELLOW"

I turn to see Layla, delighted with herself, spreading yellow paint all over the table.

After three kids- I don't care anymore. My life is not counted in minutes- it's counted in messes. I can't stress over them or I'd have had many strokes by now and sucked all joy from our lives. For some currently mysterious reason God decided to bless me with two destructive beings in a row. I clean one thing up only to turn and see the wake of disaster that went in the opposite direction while I was otherwise engaged. Why should craft time be any different?

We moved on to turkeys and luckily Tony came down to help by this time (he was showering after work , if I have my mind set on doing something I can't wait for him- he takes so stinkin long) and we tag teamed laylas closing claw and made the cutest little hand print ever. Ella decided her turkey needed to be pink.

This is something else I've let go of. I wanted traditional turkeys but traditional is not Ella. Ella is her own person in a world colored pink and purple where bffs are transported via striped unicorns. I want to go there.

So to accurately represent Ella her handprint HAD to pink I realized. It is so representative or her because ellas nickname should and would be Pinky- but shes already named her stomach Pinky and will noy allow us to call her that...
And so we have the most fabulous turkey ever. And I have to say- I love it.

Laci smelling the freedom (being used to being the first child who falls in line with mommy's wishes) doesn't stray too far, having a brown turkey but adds some turquoise and purple feathers.

Basically we have one baby turkey, a flamingo with an identity crisis and a peacock. And I'm okay with that.

Oh yeah, and this happened

These are the messes of my life...

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  1. Man I should check the outfits my kids are wearing before I post pictures. I'm dying at laylas valentines meets halloween get up. Maybe jack skellington can take over cupids job in a nightmare before Christmas sequel. You are welcome Tim burton.