Monday, November 21, 2011

Make Something Monday

I'm starting a new segment in the vein of my "Here's What Wednesday" (I know I haven't done them lately but not much is irritating me to go off and say here's what )

I'm going to start Make Something Monday.
I'm hoping it will help me be productive or creative reminding me to do something that is not a daily task. That may be baking something special (today is pioneer woman cinnamon rolls) , crafts with the kids, my own craft project- just something extra.

I'm currently waiting for the bestie To arrive with the goods. Somehow her stockpile of little round baking pans disappeared since last time so shes on the hunt.

Ok so we are doing square pans. Probably having a major holiday this week = lack of supplies in grocery stores. They'll turn out the same right?

Aside from me over loading on the butter and her making tiny gnome sized rolls the prep part went well.

And this is after considerable rising haha.

They turned out super yummy except I drowned the first two batches in icing so they're kind of a bread pudding. But a very good bread pudding.

Even the dog got a taste when I dumped half the icing on the floor... And her. Why do I ever clean?

And if these picky eaters approve....

They must be good.

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