Friday, November 18, 2011

The little things

Tonight Tony and I went to a play at our church. The two oldest girls were staying at my best friends house having a sleep over with her daughter, who is conveniently Laci's best friend. That left us with Layla and fortunately my mother in law was able to watch her because miss busy pants would not have sat still enough and quiet enough to endure a play. She is also not known for her affinity of nursery workers at the church.

Tony and I do not get much time at all sans children. It takes a toll and I forget what we are like as "just Tony and Mandy" not mommy and daddy. I was looking forward to kidless time- even just two hours of it.

Of course the days when you're going to pawn off your kid always ends up being a day when they're sweet and oh so cute. Does anyone else notice that? Im not sure if it's just a rule of nature that they save the best behavior for those types of days or if it's just the light at the end of the tunnel aspect of knowing you get a reprieve from parent hood - no matter how brief- that makes your heart grow fonder those days and almost not want to leave the darlings . Almost.

In any case leave them I did. It's hard having kids around 24/7. I often feel (and say) " I can't do this . I can't do it today" . The crushing weight of always having someone depend on you can be too much for me sometimes as having three children means someone always needs something. Sometimes it's overwhelming.

Then there are moments in life that make it all worth it.

When we came from the play we stopped to pick Layla up . As the door to my mother in laws house opened I could hear Layla making this squeal sound of excitement that I had never heard before. As soon as she saw us she let out a big scream bounced up and down on my mother in laws lap then catapulted herself off of her, running towards us shrieking with the biggest smile on her face, eyes wide and hands in the air like it was the best moment in her life. She gave each of us hugs and kept squealing and kissing me . ( she's does not freely give those )

All that joy just seeing mommy and daddy walk in.

So worth it.

And then she came home and tore up the house and dumped a can of pepsi on her head...

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