Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Princess of communication

My Ella has two little besties now and has suddenly taken an interest in texting. It's an interesting venture considering she only recognizes the first several letters of the alphabet and can only spell her name. Also her friends do not have cellphones, Being 4 and all. But txt she does.

It took me a good 9 months to relinquish my iPhone 4 into the grubby hands of my children but now daily Ella wants to text. I apologize to all the recipients of these texts.

Today she was sitting on my lap "texting" and came up with this little gem.

"this is how you sit when you're a princess and this is how you sit when you're a texting princess"

I love her and her view of the world. I'll be sure to have her model the appropriate texting position for princesses and forward it to the new Duchess Kate. I'm not sure that was part of her royal protocol training.

Ps if you have a texting prince or princess here are two inexpensive toys you can buy to regain control of your phone. They let them type to their hearts content on a blackberry looking device ( sorry kids you're not cool enough for iPhone) and it's educational too!

And a barbie one because a texting princess needs a pink one!

Barbie text and learn

Here you go duchess:

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