Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mouse In the House?

Living on a farm surrounded by fields you get all kinds of unwelcome guests creeping in your drawers and closets under cloak of darkness.

We now have a creature in our house who is rummaging in our cabinets; chomping through packages and ruining food leaving messes all over.

All of these are ruined.

Here is the creature responsible for all the messes and loss of food.

It's quite a cute creature. Look at the big teeth with which it chomps through plastic.

Unlike most scavengers it has pretty cute feet:

I have no idea what her problem is! She is like a house raccoon scavenging about the house digging in the trash if escapes me for one minute! I keep her well stocked in bananas and cookies and she eats very well at meals- yet still she feels the need to search for food. Sometimes she will even walk away when I'm feeding her to go find a random bit.

Now that she has these teeth she chomps through all kinds of packaging, even Capri sun pouches.

Not sure why I can't have a calm kid. I call her beaver due to her chomping. She is in the juice boxes now...

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  1. I so needed to read this and laugh today!!!! She is a wild baby! I love Layla stories :) <3