Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Disney Day- things to buy pre-trip

I wanted to post part of my trip report for today's Another Disney Day post but alas I'd have to go search for wifi so I could upload it from the laptop. We had a play date at the house today so I didn't go anywhere.

Instead I'll share a favorite tip of mine.

Meeting characters are the highlight of a Disney vacation for most little ones- (and some adults) . The big thing while at Disney is getting autographs.

Disney of course sells autograph books and pens especially for this purpose so the treasured signatures have a nice place to be displayed. They're fine, there is nothing wrong with those and actually the deluxe ones have a slot for you to insert the picture of you and the character next to the autograph.

Fun while on the trip, but my kids never bothered with them again.

This year I got this book. For those who dont feel like clicking the link it's the Disney Animation junior book of animation.

It's a beautiful book filled with all your favorite characters- pre Princess and the Frog. It hasn't been updated in the last couple years.

What we do is have the character sign on their page in the book. The book is interesting so the kids would look at it anyway and they get excited over seeing the signatures pop up.

It's paper back and what I mean to do but didn't was take it to Staples or another office supply store and get the covers laminated. It's also a good idea to get it spiral bound there. You can then add pages in whatever colors you like to use as spare pages for the few characters who don't appear in the book.

It's fun because the characters really act excited seeing a book different from the normal WDW autograph books. Just make sure when you see Snow White she doesn't have to look for her own page...

Story to follow.
But not in this post.

The best writing utensils to use are at least marker sized. I like the sharpies with the click tops because there is no cap to mess with and even the characters can click it on. Remember fuzzy characters have huge hands and little dexterity so you have to take that into consideration. And always have your books ready to go. Even for Stealth Snow Whites...

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