Monday, February 20, 2012

Make something Monday mattress edition

I've actually made quite a bit the last couple weeks but keep forgetting to photograph and blog it. Mostly I've made tons of doll clothes for the girls American Girl dolls. I love repurposing old clothes - it's so easy because I make sure I can use some of the original seams saving me much work.

Today I mass produced doll matresses.

American Girl dolls cannot be slept with. I mean you can, if you like $100 dolls with loose limbs and heads and matted hair. I prefer them not to look that way or to have to brush doll hair all day to remedy bed head so my girls are not allowed to sleep with their dolls.

That leaves a predicament- since they are such valued members of my girls lives they feel they need beds. Now at $100+ each I don't have too much sense to buy beds for all the dolls. Laci has two and some fold out futon you can't buy anymore. Kaya leads a simple life and has a native American bed roll (that goes in her huge expensive tee pee so really she lives more lavishly than our other dolls). Ella has the bitty baby trundle bed but sadly no bed for her big girl dolls.

Enter crafty mommy with her hand quilted cape.

I found a great tutorial on Ana white for this gorgeous farm house style bed. I love it more than the American girl beds. Except for Ceciles.

Sadly I do not own wood working tools. I think I'm going to talk Tony into them though because they are cheaper than buying a bunch of doll beds. ( shut up I know they don't all need beds but my girls love it. )

So I opted on just the mattresses for now. In a mood to do it now I searched for something to give me enough fabric. Then I spotted it - long unused shoved in my walk in closet taking up storage space - a bright pink snuggie.

I know, I know. I didn't want a snuggie for any infomercial hype or insomnia related purchase. I was going on a road trip with the bestie and for some reason she decided snuggies were needed for our concert trip. As she ran threw Target excitedly toting her sleeved blanket treasures her husband sucked her joy away with the negative shaking of his head. He's rational. we were making a free concert festival very pricey.

Luckily when she called to tell me her story I happened to be in walmart and made my way from the Mexican foods to homewares and grabbed two pink snuggies. I had long mocked sleeved blankets but now a sudden sense of purpose had set upon me. Our trip would not be complete without these. Besides how could we craft gift bags for the performers in warmth in the car without the aid of these remarkable creations.

The snuggie does not meet my blanket standards and as such was soon retired after our lovely Indiana road trip. Instead of throwing away this item that was part of a lovely memory it was going to be repurposed! Trust me it is much more useful as doll mattresses and pillows than it ever was as a blanket. The rational husband was right - don't buy one.

Anyway here they are! A fleet of pink beds. Well three if the eight.

And the good news is they will fit all those fab Ana White beds I will make ....

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