Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here's What Wednesday &

Here's What:

The word is AND people. What is with everyone on my facebook wall writing (for example)

" the other day I ate pizza an cheesesticks an pepsi."

Now I'm not a grammar Nazi and everyone has a misspell from time to time. If you're on a smart phone like I have to be , you probably have quite a few thanks to the combo of touch screens and auto correct.

What is irritating about the" an" incorrect usage is threefold.

1. It's intentional. You know how to spell the word right? Ella knows how to spell it so I'm sure people using facebook do as well. It just makes you sound lazy and uneducated people. Really uneducated. I say this from a place of love. I'm trying to help, I really am. It looks bad.

2. There are accepted abbreviations of the word and. And really people, is a three letter word that long that you can't spell the whole thing? Is it too hard to stretch your thumb on a phone or middle finger on a regular keyboard to hit the d? Your finger rests on the d in home position! It's right there tap it.
There is a whole symbol all it's own for the long word and . It looks like this & . If you've ever watched Wheel of Fortune with your grandma you know it is called the ampersand. There is no reason to be typing an for and! If it was long like aanndferand instead of and you know what the abbreviation would still be and not an because...

3. An is it's own word entirely! It's a whole other word that you are using in the place if the correct word. You are changing the meaning of your sentence because in no way shape or form ever does an mean the same thing as and.

It wouldn't bother me so much if it were the teenagers doing it they spell everything in a stupid form Thanks to text messaging. I have lost hope for the English language because it will all be consonants in a few years because no one under 16 today will remember how to not text spell.

No it's grown people my age and even older much older doing this. You know Better and you're too darn old to be typing dumb stuff like an. Do you do it to look cool like i don't know- snooki? Because really this is the demographic you're appealing to and looking like when you speak that way. Stop please, you're embarrassing yourself and I hear all kinds of people talking about the "aners" you're being judged. And not for your coolness.

Look at this crazy little person. Even she knows how to spell and.

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