Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Wish

What do I want for Valentine's Day?

To get a full nights sleep like a normal human- preferable without child feet up my nose.

To not have to clean up vomit three times during a movie

To not have to stop that same movie 20 times making "The Help" a 4 hour cinematic feature.

To pee without an audience

To take a hot bath without hearing what sounds like the aftermath of the apocalypse coming from the playroom.

No boogers wiped on my shirt

No one eating boogers

Just no boogers

For a room to stay clean longer than 2 hours after I clean it.

A nap. Because even if I got that full nights sleep- I have a lot of catching up to do.

To be able to paint my nails- both hands and for them to dry before I have to pick up a screaming kid so I for once don't have fabric imprints in them.

Just really would be nice to have a nice meal alone with my wonderful hubby! That's all! We've really had no time lately and it's sad. We were going to be able to do a lunch today alone but poor Layla started throwing up all night :( so the kids ended up staying home. Magically she was fine all day...

Since I didn't get any of that, I guess I'll settle for the two lovely vases of flowers Tony got me and our new tv we picked up in lieu of our romantic lunch date.

...Because I totes deserve to watch some Real Housewives in their big screen hd glory tonight!

After I wrote this I popped in The Muppets season 1 for the kids to enjoy - and they did enough so that I fell asleep on the couch . So i got my nap But I awoke to this....

Those are pretzels...

Totally cancels out the short nap.

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