Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animals talk, darn it!!

And the saga continues....

On the way to church tonight it was just Laci, Layla and myself. Ella had disappeared into the trunk of her besties suv this afternoon- as usual- so it was just my oldest and baby with me.

In our car DVD players, Hunchback has played non stop for about two months. Laci had recently said to me about Frollo (bad guy) was not real at Disney. He had a "weird" face .(rubber type mask) she brought that up again tonight and asked why he wouldn't be real . I said "well they probably needed a lot of villains for Mickeys's Not So Scary Halloween Party and the real one wasn't available.... You know what he probably is in Euro Disney because it's in France and Hunchback takes place in France."

I know I know I'm so good on the fly...

She pauses then says "no I don't think so because on the movie...."

I'm already posturing in my mind how I will respond to "he dies" or whatever in the movie makes it impossible he will be walking about an amusement park when she says
"there is a thing at the end where it shows the guy who does how voice so he's not real. He looks nothing like Frollo in the movie. They all have people that Do their voices. None of them look like the characters."

"um well maybe it's just like a re telling of their lives - actors play other people all the time"

She's quiet for a small moment and I think these excruciating conversations of me dodging her increasing disbelief in the fantastical have taken a sweet reprieve. Then she goes in for the kill.

"when we came out of the bathroom we saw Pooh going on his break or whatever as he walked by... I saw a zipper."


"he's not real"

"yes he is"

"no he has a zipper"

"he wears a shirt. It has a zipper. Did you not notice his bright red shirt it's like his signature look."

"no. The zipper goes all the way up and all the way down"

"I think you're remembering wrong. "

"he's a talking bear . You really expect me to believe he's real"

"yes I do because he is. "

"mom. Talking. Bear."

"Laci, it's like Pip on whatever the movie is with Giselle. in Andalasia he talks all the time but the minute he pops up in NYC in our wold he looks different (not animated) and can't talk because squirrels don't talk here. In the cartoon world bears talk here they don't."

"talking. Bear."

" he's real and just don't go saying all this to your sister and make her think he's not real"

"I won't."

Thank God we are parked and getting out of the car before she asks about the princesses.

I noticed her lack of enthusiasm at the beginning of the trip with laci and the characters. It made me so sad and ruined part of my first day. I have a trip report to post where I go into it but I'm waiting on my photos taken by the Disney photographers to post it.

It made me notice the well hidden zippers running up the animal characters spines. I am quite sure last trip I did not notice them but seeing her disbelief this year they were painfully obvious. I even winced at pooh at crystal palace.

She still lit up at the princesses though. I have to keep her holding on to at least that for one more trip.

Excuse me while I go Hide all the pictures of us with princesses on our trips before she runs them through facial recognition software and details the differences in facial structure on different days....

(pictures are all from her first trip... The magical one"

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