Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back and Moving Ahead

Another year passed- in lightning speed.

As I look back, as is obligatory for this year, we had a pretty even. Nothing exceptional - good or bad, just a nice even stream of contentment producing circumstances. To me, that is an excellent year.

Individually , it was a year of growth for all the kids.

Laci is doing much better focusing on school and math is coming much easier for her. She's still enjoying clogging and this year the foot work looks like complicated clogging not just tap. She's been a great help with the baby and a loving big sister and best friend to Ella. The thing I love about homeschooling is the strong family bonds it fosters.
She learned a lot about life through her beloved Cat Deely running away. She lived in our barn, not sure where she went. Also one of her kittens died. She's still sad about both. She started seeing things through eyes of reality and not so much through child like faith- zippers on Disney characters, tags on our elves... Of course all that makes me terribly sad as my blog shows, but her desire to still believe in all these things gives me hope for another year of magic with her.

Ella, being in her third year has transformed from baby to little girl. I always hate that. Her face last year was still round, she had just been forced to stop using pacifiers and diapers and slept on a toddler bed in our room.

Now she has a best friend, loves to get manicures and rooms in with her sissy most nights and sometimes in her own room alone. She loves her baby sister but they fight over mommy time. Despite all her big changes, she's still little and still needs snuggles. I love those moments.

She's learning phonics and letter recognition, but spends most of her days playing Barbies. She lives for it.

Layla being a 2010 September baby experienced all her firsts this year. I kept thinking through the Christmas season that last year she was just a tiny little newborn only a couple months olds. Since then she's grown considerably, walks, talks and does some sign language. She plays like the big girls with dolls and barbies and when she's not having a bout of separation anxiety will spend a good portion of her day with her sisters. She loves to make messes and do everything she's not supposed to and will do anything for attention. She keeps us all on our toes and rolling in laughter.

Tony finally has some seniority and can hold decent jobs within CSX. This has allowed him to work a local job and stay home with a real schedule rather than being on a train and staying in hotels at the beck and command of the railroad. This has made us all happy! He also became a Master Retarder - I'm not being mean that's his real title- which allows him to hold a job not many Are qualified for- always a plus in the railroad.

I adjusted to the demands of a toddler and managed to learn to sew within the few free moments she gives me. I found I love zumba and plan on getting back to it , even if it's just in my living room most times- this week now that the busy fall-Christmas period is through.

Probably our favorite point this year was our Disney trip ( I'm finally making headway on my trip account of that and will post soon, in segments) . There is no better vacation than taking our three princesses to the most magical place on earth. I count time in terms of disney trips and Tony has taken to helping me get over the post Christmas excitement let down phase with the mantra of "one day closer to Disney".

We are so thankful for all our blessings and just the everyday beautiful moments as experience. I can look back on this year as one of comfort and happiness and couldn't hope for anything more in the coming year.

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