Monday, December 19, 2011

Ramblings of a 3 year old mind

I don't get much time with Ella let alone one on one time. I'm acutely aware of how grown up she's getting even already and I so often feel that in chaos of meeting the needs of a very demanding baby I am missing out so much on the preciousness that is little Ella.

This past week layla and I dealt with a virus again and it left her pretty much passed out for the day. Capitalizing on the lack of baby hanging off me I tried to clean.

Ella came downstairs and seeing mommy unencumbered by a clingy, possessive baby decided to hang around and help me clean. What followed was wonderfully silly conversation that I treasure because it speaks to the essence of Ella.

I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She repeated the usual mantra of barbie camper, American girl doll and added - new singing rapunzel.

Gah. I didn't buy one. They're 30-40 and last years ended up leg less.... Scary things happen to our barbies.

"mommy cant get one now and it's too late for santa to add on his list. The elves are already packaging things. "

Fallen baby face of sadness

"how about for your birthday next month. I'll start looking for one"

"you'll check amazon right mom?"

- obviously I have an online shopping problem. But ah prime shipping...

I asked her what else she wanted.

" A turkey "

"a turkey? To eat?"

"yes and one to play with . I decided to call him Hammy"

"a turkey named Hammy"

"yes. Hammy needs to be here for Christmas"

- I ordered a turkey that night... On amazon.

She spotted a marshmallow circus peanut- Those orange disgusting ancient candies.

"people can peanuts right mom...."

"..... Not just elephants "
"No not just elephants"
" I thought so"

"is Leigh anne your sister?"
"how is Leigh anne your sister? You don't live in her house."
" we have the same mom and lived in the same house when I was younger then I married your daddy"

"oh well I want to live with you forever "

"well one day you will meet someone nice you will want to marry"

"ok. Will I know how to buckle myself in then?"

This is her random thought patten. I love it. The conversation may be mundane to some but just the fact I got to have the conversation with so many thoughts coming from her crazy mind without a baby screaming or an older sister butting in was priceless to me. I love that crazy little thing.

*Edited to add - I broke down and got the singing Rapunzel too. Darn you Disney and your daily emails to me.
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