Friday, December 9, 2011

Insta Friday- first week of December

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We Had to wear hats to decorate our tree...

This is what happens when a three year old decorates your tree. We counted fifteen balls shoved in that one spot- most on the same limb.

December 1st! Time for the advent calendar I made with the bestie

Monkey hats :)
Waiting for the Christmas parade.

Writing her letter to Santa.

Idk if I like better in color or not

She asked for a Barbie camper and "also a Barbie" .
Crap I have to buy a barbie camper.

She asked for a Fijit and plush snake. Apparently I am not done shopping! Next year no Santa letters past august! I hate late additions. Santa has a deadline folks you can't just be adding and adding junk up until the eleventh hour! The elves are unionized!

Mailing her letter

I wonder if this is the last letter she will mail to Santa ... :(

Voting for her favorite elf "glisten"

She and Bitty Baby dressed to match to go to Penn Alps artisan village Christmas.

Listening to Miss Teen Historic Md read a Christmas story in a one room school house.

Spinning wheel in historic yoder house.

The elf and reindeer made snow angels in confectioners sugar...

She insisted on mascara

And then lip gloss

Toddlers and tiaras?...

Look at those lashes!

She then went and got a hair brush and hair spray and nail polish. I'm not kidding

Mickey confetti from Disney world. I love that I find this little bit of magic from Time to time. Makes me smile.

The elf decorated the play room tree- with the girls undies!

Finally some snow! She screamed when laci opened the door to let the dog out and saw it . She kept yelling "oh oh" and ran out in her diaper. We had to get boots on and go out! She loves it!

Christmas <3

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  1. your daughters are adorable!

    Don't ya just LOVE those late additions?? I guess that's a good thing about having a 17yr old, she knows the cut off and can get over it if an addition to her list isn't under the tree! ;o)

    I LOVE the pitcher and basin... love, love!

  2. I love all of these pictures!!! You're so good. The close up one of your tree is stunning too! Love you :)

  3. Jodi, I should know better by now than to think their lists are finalized- EVER!

    Jennie I love you too. Lol they're all iPhone pics I'm not good. I thought ellas jam all the balls picture was pretty too. Much more so than the real life edition. I think I'll frame it bc I need decorations. You know because I'm not allowed any ! Ha!