Monday, December 12, 2011

Make Something Monday-Dec 12

I finally got back around to Make Something Monday. Things have not been going my way at all lately!

Tonight we managed to make handprint Christmas trees.

I saw them several years ago at my best friends house, her son had made one at school. She Hangs it up every hear and of all her beautiful christmas decorations- its my favoriteIt's such a sweet memento of their childhood.

I have always gotten busy with other things and had failed to make them. I was determined to have them made and hanging by now but like many things of late I've had to let that notion go.

we are going to decorate them tomorrow with shiny pretty things for "ornaments".

But tonight we finished with our usual mess. Layla explored toe painting while I was telling Ella to please stop finger painting the entire drop cloth because we wouldn't be able to keep our paintings nice on it

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