Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life, video games and bandaged devils

I'm never sure what to expect when Laci starts a story . They are always very detailed and I am pretty sure half the tome she is improvising along the way gauging my reaction and adjusting as needed.

Last night we were making snowflake ornaments and she started with:

"sometimes when I wake up I feel like my life isn't real"

"what do you mean?"

" like it's a dream ... Or a video game.... And Jesus is playing the video game against the devil.....and with every act of kindness we help Jesus win."
(ellipses denote her slight pauses in which I think she's determining which way to go with this)

Me: " thats pretty deep Laci"

Ella: ( loudly because it's her default volume) " but the devil is dead right?"

Me: " no "

Ella (slightly concerned): " oh I thought he was dead"

Me: " no. But .. Uh.. Jesus always wins against the devil"

Ella: (quietly in a tiny voice and looking out the corner of her eye quizzically)
" is he injured?"

Again Ella causes us all to snort with laughter with her unique view on all things in all situations

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