Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Ella is quirky. Unique.

Those are the euphemisms I use when trying to sound nice about her off beat personality. This kid is just odd- In a funny endearing way. I love it about her. She is Ella- unapologetically and full force.

I never know what she is going to do. Her mind does not work the ways ours do. She floats about in her world of pink where anything can happen. She makes the pretend come to life. She believes that just because she imagines something it is so. In any given moment she will tell me her stomach is now names pinky and in the next breath ask me why moose like to kick people in the knees and then refuse to get out of the car for fear a knee kicking moose is lurking under our deck just waiting for her to walk by.

I love it. She's unruly and uninhibited. At times, many many times it makes life difficult because this means she melts down from the smallest of slights. She screams she cries she can't control herself.

But it also means her joy is exuberant and equally uninhibited. She will dance in any location at the first sound of music. She will be talking and suddenly be taken over by even elevator music, hopping and shimmying as though no one else is around. She will leap and run and skip and squeal over even the smallest turn of good fortune.

She is authentically herself at all times and she helps me see life through pink happiness and joy.

Not long ago we went for a walk on an unusually warm December day. Laci was walking the dog and a small hand reached up into mine. We walked a few paces when I realized I wasn't holding a hand, but some sort of cloth. I look down wondering why she was wearing gloves only to see this:

She was wearing a dragon sock puppet on our venture.
I smiled while my mind took a snapshot of these irreplaceable childhood moments that fly by too quickly while we go about our mundane tasks ignoring the simple beauty packed into each day.

I love that she doesn't care that it's very strange To coordinate outfits with sock puppets. Or that it's a little weird to put on the other hand a fuzzy red sock and call it Elmo. She just does it because she wants to. I hope she keeps that part of her through life .

My heart warmed with the outward expression of her imagination and belief in all things magical especially as Laci is questioning all of these very things.

For a brief moment ella and I were taking a walk hand in dragon hand through the magical kingdom of her mind.

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