Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few nights ago we were watching The Elf On The Shelf special. Santa dispatches elves and one elf goes to a home with pre schoolers and a cynical pre teen who finds the elf dumb.

While we were watching I made a comment about Laci being like the boy and I wonder if their elf would leave to. She answered that " so and so doesn't believe in Santa." she was referring to a teen aged family member.

"how do you know " I inquired.
"she told me he's not real and she doesn't believe in him"

Of course I go into immediate damage control mode

"well her mom just never gave Santa credit for the presents he brings. Like Papa elf told Buddy on Elf, some parents say they got all the presents and so some kids don't believe in Santa"

Meanwhile I'm seething. Here we have had this whole scouty mcwinkerbean fiasco and me crying that I thought we had one more Christmas with her buying into it all. Wondering if it was just the seriously creepy and obviously plush elf that she didn't believe in or Santa too. Had she figured it all out or was she questioning but wanting to hold on to it yet.

It didn't matter her belief status because someone filled in the blanks for her. It made sense now. The elf scenario happened a day or two after she had been with this Santa denier.

I shot off a few irritated emails. I asked Laci for the full story.

"well she asked me what I wanted for christmas and I said you were getting me American girl stuff and I asked Santa for a plush snake and a fijit. Then she says 'hmmmph I don't believe in Santa because hes not real' "

I was livid. So there was no asking on lacis part of Santa's existence, no catching one off guard . No reason to mention his reality or not it was superfluous to the conversation. Just thrown in there dismissively.

Had it been a child her age I could get it. They tell each other these things and look down on peers who still believe. They whisper theories back and forth trying to figure out how it works or find proof that their hunches are correct.

But this was no 8 year old. This family member is going to be 14 in a couple weeks. I can't figure out just why a 14 year old say that to her in a condescending tone no less. How a 14 year old couldn't know to play along. That wasn't even necessary considering the validity of a real santa claus wasn't even the discussion , it was a simple listing of presents. No need to throw in he's not real.

That's the part that makes me mad. What right does this person have to take a little girls belief away before she's ready. Fellow 8 year olds don't know better 14 year olds do. It made me sad because despite her elf issues she still does try to believe in Santa.

After watching the rest of the elf movie , during which Ella screamed "don't touch the elf he will lose his magic!!" and jumped into my lap (a welcome wave of belief in a sad moment) laci showed me a letter she had written her new elf. I think she wanted to show me she believes.

It made me cry.

Not because I was so happy she believed but because I know she is trying to believe.

Trying- no matter what the grinches tell her.

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