Thursday, December 22, 2011

Son of a nutcracker

I spent the last two days wrapping an obscene amount of presents. I finished and breathed a sigh of relief . A huge Checkmark added to my mounting pre Christmas to do list. This one also meant no 4 Am Christmas eve bedtime. I could hop in bed before Santa was rounding Denmark this year.

We hurriedly hid all the presents and carefully picked up scrap wrapping paper- Santa has Santa paper, can't let the kids see it! We rushes because we were heading out to meet Ellas bestie to ride a Christmas carriage that looks like Cinderella's coach all lit up.

It was a nice 58 degree December evening (what is with this crappy non Christmas weather?!) and the girls had a blast.

We returned and were watching Elf for the tenth time today when laci says "hmm santa uses Santa paper" and dangles large scrap of her paper in my face saying " none of our presents better say 'merry and bright' on them"

Son of a nutcracker!

Not only did she find Santa paper but her own, which was the cutest and will now just be unused but she made note of the words written on it ensuring there will be no " laci no it's not the same the art just looks similar" to convince her it's different. No I have to unwrap and rewrap all of her gifts and of course she had
More Santa gifts than parent gifts. 20 presents to rewrap plus I have to rewrap the joint gifts for all three girls because they had a little bit of everyones paper on them.

I'm convinced that people who don't do Santa deny his existence for not high and lofty ideals of morality and truth. Not because he steals baby Jesus limelight for the day or To fight commercialism and materialism.

No they just don't have the energy to keep this Ruse up. It's constant work, this Santa gig.

Off to wrap presents again, sneak elves into my crazily parked car Because I had to come up with some ploy outside of the house since I only just moments ago retrieved them from yesterday's spot and have to create elf hijinks with awake, not sleeping children about, and clean and press Tonys Santa suit.

Why am I blogging today? I have a magical childhood to create...

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